282 GRE Score – Is 282 a Good GRE Score?

Navigating the complexities of the 282 GRE Score isn’t as difficult as it might seem.

  • Understanding the GRE Scoring Scale: Master the grading scale and learn how it ranges from 260 to 340, with each section having a maximum score of 170.
  • Is 282 a Good GRE Score?: Learn statistics about how many people score 282 and how a 282 GRE score stacks up against average scores.
  • Tips to Improve Your 282 GRE Score: Discover proven strategies designed to boost your GRE score above 282 and closer to your dream score.

In this guide, we help you make sense of your 282 GRE Score and how it could influence your graduate school trajectory.

Understanding the GRE Scoring Scale: From 260 to 340

The GRE, Graduate Record Examination, is a critical aspect of many graduate school applications. To fully comprehend the implications of a 282 GRE score, it’s vital to understand how the GRE is scored overall. Scoring for the GRE operates on a scale from 260 to 340, divided into two distinct sections: Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning. These sections cover different competencies and are each scored between 130 and 170. This means the lowest possible combined score on the GRE is 260 and the highest, an impressive 340. Let’s break down each of these sections.

Verbal Reasoning Section:

The Verbal Reasoning section measures your comprehension of English-language text and your ability to analyze that text to draw insights, define relationships, and evaluate ideas. This is not merely a test of vocabulary but of understanding context, logical reasoning, and analyzing various levels of meaning.

Quantitative Reasoning Section:

Quantitative Reasoning is designed to analyze your mathematical comprehension and problem-solving skills. This doesn’t mean you’ll need to solve complex calculus problems, but you will face basic geometry, algebra, and arithmetic.

The importance of each section score can vary considerably depending on your graduate school and targeted program. For instance, STEM programs might weigh Quantitative scores more heavily, while humanities and social science programs may place more importance on the Verbal scores.

Is 282 a Good GRE Score?

A 282 GRE score is relatively low if we look at the averages on the GRE scoring scale. The average GRE scores for Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning sections are 150 and 153 respectively, equating to a slightly above average combined total of 303. This means a score of 282 is below the average, which could raise concerns for your application prospects.

Taking Personal Goals into Account:

However, it’s crucial to make the observation that what makes a ‘good’ GRE score is subjective – it differs depending on an individual’s graduate school application, personal goals, and target program requirements. A score that fails to meet the benchmark for one candidate might be acceptable for another based on their unique circumstances and the specific program they’re aiming for.

Factoring in Program Requirements:

Speaking of program requirements, it’s critical to research what average scores accepted students in your desired program typically have. A GRE score isn’t the only aspect of your application, but it’s undoubtedly a significant one. Receiving a 282 may not necessarily disqualify you, but it’s important to be aware that it could potentially lower your chances of admission.

Is 282 a Bad GRE Score?

Compared with the average scores (mentioned above), a 282 GRE score may indeed be regarded as a low score. This specific score falls below the 25th percentile, which thus could negatively impact your admission probabilities, especially if it’s significantly lower than the median score of the target graduate program. Does this necessarily mean that your admission prospects are doomed with a 282 GRE score?

Effect on Admission:

Let’s be clear: while the GRE is an important component of your application package, it’s not the sole criterion for university admissions. Other elements such as your academic transcript, recommendations, research experience, or statement of purpose can also significantly influence an admissions committee’s decision. However, a score that falls notably below the usual range can often make it more challenging to secure admission, unless the other aspects of your application are exceptionally strong.

How Hard Is It to Get a 282 GRE Score?

Is it difficult to achieve a 282 GRE score? Truthfully, it depends on a variety of factors, including your personal strengths and preparation level. Achieving this score could be considered less challenging than trying to score at higher percentiles, but it still requires effort with specific attention to both Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning.

Preparation Level:

The degree of preparation needed for the GRE can range widely based on your skills and the areas you find challenging. Some applicants may find math problems more demanding, while others may struggle with analytical writing or verbal reasoning. Even if 282 is not a particularly high score, it may still require substantial study in these areas.

Study Practices:

Here are a few GRE study tips regardless of your target score:

  1. Understand the GRE Test Format: Familiarize yourself with the structure of the GRE, including the time allocated for each section.
  2. Practice with Real GRE Questions: Regularly practicing with real GRE questions can help familiarize you with the level of complexity you’ll encounter on test day.
  3. Analyze and Learn from Your Mistakes: Review your practice tests to ensure that you not only recognize where you went wrong, but you learn from these mistakes.

Overall, no matter what your target score is, effective preparation is key to achieving it.

Can You Get into Business School with a 282 GRE Score?

A 282 GRE score, although below average, does not automatically disqualify a candidate from being accepted into a business school. However, it is crucial to understand that the competition at top-tier business schools is exceptionally high, and high GRE scores are a common trait among accepted students.

Analyzing Highly Reputed Business Schools:

Top business schools like Stanford, Wharton, and Harvard have average GRE scores for their incoming classes well above 320. The reality is that these are incredibly competitive programs, attracting top academic performers from around the world. If you’re aiming for one of these schools, a 282 GRE score could potentially put you at a disadvantage in the competitive admission process.

How Do Lower-Tier Schools Compare?:

For less competitive business schools, the average GRE scores may be lower, providing opportunities for students with lower test scores. However, it’s important to remember that every student and application is unique. A relatively low GRE score may be offset by other compelling aspects of your application such as strong academic achievements, remarkable work experience, or an exceptional application essay.

The Value of Holistic Assessment:

Remember, business schools tend to look at applications holistically. While the GRE score is an important metric, other aspects like your GPA, recommendation letters, statement of purpose, resume, and if applicable, interview performance, are also very vital. If you have an exceedingly strong application elsewhere, a lower GRE score might not be as detrimental as you fear.

Should You Cancel a 282 GRE Score?

Choosing whether or not to cancel a GRE score can be a difficult decision, particularly if your scores fall below your expected range. Before you make this decision, remember that universities will see all your GRE scores from the last 5 years unless you utilize the ScoreSelect option. Keep in mind that cancelling scores can cost you valuable time and money, as you will need to re-take the test and pay the associated fees.

When Should You Consider Cancelling?:

You might consider cancelling your score if you are confident that your GRE score of 282 is significantly below what you need for your target graduate programs, or if you believe that you could significantly improve with further preparation.

The Potential Drawbacks:

However, cancelling your GRE score presents several potential drawbacks. First, there are financial considerations: the GRE test is not inexpensive, and repeated testing can accrue significant costs. Second, you will need to invest additional time into studying and test preparation, which might make this option less feasible if you have limited time before application deadlines.

ScoreSelect Option:

Consider utilizing ETS’s ScoreSelect option if you have taken the GRE multiple times. This allows you to select which scores you send to schools — you can choose to only send the scores that you feel best represent your abilities.

Tips to Improve Your 282 GRE Score

Improving your GRE score from 282 can be achieved with dedication, targeted study, and the right resources. Below are some valuable study tips to elevate your score:

Adopting a Rigorous Study Schedule:

A structured study schedule can help you manage your time effectively. Identify the areas you struggle with the most and devote substantial time to strengthening these areas.

Leveraging High-Quality GRE Prep Books and Courses:

There is a wealth of resources out there for GRE preparation. Start with prep books from reputed publishers like Manhattan Prep, ETS, and Kaplan. Online courses offering a structured approach can also be beneficial.

Employing Full-Length Practice Tests:

Nothing can simulate the actual GRE test experience other than full-length, timed practice tests. These tests will not only familiarize you with the test format but also assess your progress.

282 GRE Score to GMAT

Many business schools accept both GRE and GMAT scores for admission. The crucial question, though, is which test will better reflect your abilities? Moreover, does a 282 GRE score equate to a GMAT score that might be considered more favorably by admissions committees?

Essentially, a 282 GRE score roughly converts to around 320 on the GMAT using the GRE’s Comparison tool for business schools. This is below the average GMAT score for most business school programs. However, remember that similar to GRE scores, GMAT scores are also a single piece of your holistic application.

Should You Take the GMAT Instead?

If your target program accepts both GRE and GMAT scores and you have an option to write either of the two, consider your individual abilities too. Some students may find they perform better on the GMAT due to their comfort with the test’s structure and question types.

GRE Scores 260 to 340


Conclusion: Embracing Your GRE Score & Planning Your Business School Journey

A GRE score, whether it’s 282 or 330, is just one component of your graduate school journey. While it’s undoubtedly important, remember that it’s not the sole determinant of where your journey will take you. If a 282 is your current score, it doesn’t necessarily hinder you from reaching your academic goals, nor does it reflect your potential for success in business school.

Leverage the insights covered here — understand the GRE’s scoring scale, realize the importance of a holistically well-rounded application, establish strategic study habits, and consider taking the GMAT if it seems a better fit.

The key is to stay motivated and focused on your goals. A bit of strategy, patience, and hard work can effectively convert even a low score into an opportunity for academic success. In the end, your persistence, skills, and enthusiasm will matter far more than any standardized test score. Like the proverbial saying goes – “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”