317 GRE Score – Is 317 a Good GRE Score?

Navigating the world of GRE scores can be challenging, but understanding your 317 GRE Score is a critical step in the journey.

  • Understanding the GRE scoring scale: Unpack how the GRE’s scoring system works, from its range of 260 to 340, and where a 317 score fits within that spectrum.
  • Significance of a 317 GRE Score: Analyze whether achieving a 317 is considered “good” or “low” in the realm of GRE scores and the factors influencing this perception.
  • 317 GRE Score application implications: Discover how a GRE score of 317 impacts your prospects of securing a spot in a reputable business school.

Armed with this knowledge, students can make informed decisions about their academic paths, using their 317 GRE Score as a stepping stone towards their ultimate goals.

Understanding the GRE Scoring Scale: From 260 to 340

The Graduate Record Examination, commonly known as the GRE, is a standardized test that is an admission requirement for many graduate schools across the globe. Designed to evaluate logical reasoning, quantitative reasoning, analytical writing, and critical thinking skills that have been acquired over a long learning period, the GRE plays a critical role in determining one’s eligibility for advanced studies, especially masters and Ph.D. programs.

Believe it or not, understanding the GRE scoring scale is an art in itself and can greatly aid in forming a comprehensive test preparation strategy.

The GRE Scoring Scale

The GRE general test follows a well-defined scoring scale. For the individual Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections, the minimum GRE score is 130 while the maximum score is 170. So, for these two sections combined, the GRE score can range anywhere between 260 to 340.

This essentially means that each of these sections is scored on a scale of 130-170 in 1-point increments, with an overall score scale from 260-340.

Meanwhile, the Analytical Writing section adopts a completely different scoring mechanism. It operates on a 0-6 scale, measured in half-point increments. Test-takers should remember that the scores for this section are reported separately and do not influence the total score between 260 and 340.

Significance on Graduate School Application

The GRE score is a significant component of your graduate school application because it is a standard measure that applies to all aspirants. Several universities use it as a baseline to compare the capacity of students from diverse backgrounds and undergraduate courses. More specifically, schools look at applicants’ GRE scores to measure their capability to succeed in a rigorous academic setting.

Furthermore, a solid GRE score not only manifests a candidate’s subject knowledge but also showcases their analytical, verbal, and quantitative skills. This is why candidates with high GRE scores are perceived to be more likely to succeed in grad school.

Is 317 a Good GRE Score?

PALATIALThe 317 GRE score is what scholars often term as being in the “upper echelon”. It stands above the average score and reflects an above-par performance, making it a strong asset for one’s application. But remember, what is considered a good GRE score can vary depending on the program and institution.

Breaking Down the 317 GRE Score

A GRE score of 317 is the cumulative total of the Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning Sections. On average, a candidate with a 317 GRE score might have scored around 158 in the Verbal section and 159 in the Quantitative section.

Do note that the ETS reported average score falls around 150 for Verbal and 153 for Quantitative. Therefore, a 317 GRE score, technically, places the candidate in an advantageous position as it is noticeably above average.


A crucial point to consider in understanding whether a 317 GRE score is good or not lies in the specific requirements of the chosen graduate program. For example, a program that heavily relies on quantitative skills, say, a Masters in Data Science, might prefer candidates with high Quant scores. In such cases, a Quant score of 167 with a Verbal score of 150 might look more impressive than having a more evenly distributed GRE score like 158 in Verbal and 159 in Quant.

So, always pay close attention to the score expectations of your targeted programs when considering your GRE score.

Is 317 a Bad GRE Score?

Conversely, let’s examine the idea of a bad GRE score as well. What range would that fall into? A low GRE score generally falls around the 25th percentile, corresponding to a GRE scaled score of 145 for verbal and 147 for quantitative. A 317 GRE score not only transcends this range but clearly reflects your preparation and dedication.

Reality Check: It’s Above the Low GRE Score Range

The semantics poison our perspective. The term ‘below average’ creates a negative connotation. However, let it be stated emphatically, a 317 GRE score is quite decent. While it might fall short of exceptional, it is nowhere close to being categorized as a ‘low’ or ‘bad’ GRE score.

While being on the higher end of the scoring spectrum certainly opens up more opportunities, remember that your GRE score is but one aspect of your application. Many applicants overcome a lower-than-desired GRE score with compelling experiences, projects, and letters of recommendation.

How Hard Is It to Get a 317 GRE Score?

Unlocking the recipe of acing the GRE to achieve a target score of 317 requires a well-structured strategy that includes focused preparation, task prioritization, and time management. It’s not impossible, but it would require dedication, effort, and hard work.

Preparation is Key

An important part of this process is understanding the format and types of questions you will encounter. Spend time on GRE practice tests that mimic the format and complexity of the real exam.

Undeniably, consistent practice is the cornerstone of improving your GRE skills. Devote time regularly and make sure to review each practice test in detail. Analyze your weaknesses and tailor your study plan accordingly.

Test Prep Resources: Utilize the official ETS GRE Prep materials that include practice tests. Third-party test prep companies such as Magoosh, Kaplan, and Manhattan also offer comprehensive GRE study materials.

It Takes Time

If you’re targeting a 317+ GRE score, ensure to give yourself ample time, generally 3-6 months, for thorough GRE preparation. Be consistent, follow your study plan religiously, and revise regularly.

From understanding the scoring scale to outlining the efforts needed to achieve a 317 score, we’ve spanned quite a journey. Remember that understanding the scoring mechanics is only the first step. The ‘how-to’ of achieving your target score will be dictated by a mixture of hard work, strategy, and consistency. Good luck with your GRE journey!

Can You Get into Business School with a 317 GRE Score?

Making the cut for an admission into a reputed business school is no easy task, and your GRE score can play a pivotal role in the selection process. A score of 317 signifies a strong performance in the GRE and puts you in a favorable position to secure a spot, but this also largely depends on the specific requirements set by each individual business school.

Decoding the 317 GRE Score for Business Schools

In the world of business schools, programs are often demanding and seek candidates who showcase skills beyond just academic prowess. When it comes to your GRE score, while a 317 is impressive, it should be complemented with a well-rounded application. This includes a strong academic record, work experience, letters of recommendation, essays, and interviews.

However, in the context of business programs, it’s essential to understand that not all of them weigh the GRE score with the same scale. Programs such as the MBA have a stronger preference for the GMAT, whereas for others like Masters in Finance, GRE scores are equally acceptable.

For a 317 GRE score, it is highly recommended that you research the average GRE scores of admitted students at your target schools. This will give you a better idea of where you stand.

Your Chance at Prominent Business Schools

Business schools like Duke Fuqua School of Business and Georgetown McDonough have previously recorded an average GRE score of 317 amongst their class profiles. This suggests that a 317 GRE score can undoubtedly make you a competitive candidate for such institutions.

However, remember, a holistic application profile aids in the admissions process. Stellar work experience, impressive GPA, well artiulated essays, and solid letters of recommendation can often compensate for the minor gaps in your GRE score, if any.

Should You Cancel a 317 GRE Score?

Whether you should cancel a GRE score of 317 is a decision that should be made after weighing several factors. However, before we delve into the specifics, let’s clarify that a GRE score of 317 is well above the global average and is generally considered a strong score.

Cancellation Policies and Your GRE Score

The ETS (Educational Testing Service) offers a “ScoreSelect” option, enabling you to decide which of your GRE scores you want to send to the schools. This means you can sit for the GRE multiple times, and decide on the day of your test whether to send or cancel your scores. However, the decision to cancel should not be made lightly.

Canceling a “bad” score could be useful for avoiding any negative impact on your application. But if you’ve scored 317 in the GRE, it’s not a score that usually carries a negative connotation. Therefore, without any particular circumstances, it would seldom be advisable to cancel such a score.

Factors to Consider

To decide whether you should cancel your 317 score, you should take into account your target school’s particular GRE requirements, your own expectations, and possibly any plans for retakes.

  • School Requirements: If your target schools have significantly higher average GRE scores, and you have enough time and resources for a retake, you may consider canceling and retaking the GRE.
  • Personal Expectations: If you were consistently scoring well above 317 in your practice tests, you might think about a retake, especially if you think your test performance was hampered due to any unforeseen circumstances such as health issues or anxiety.
  • Future Retakes: Planning to retake the GRE and confident of scoring higher? You may choose to keep your 317 as a fallback. With ETS’s ScoreSelect feature, you can decide later which score to send to schools.

However, it is worth reminding that a 317 is a good score, and many factors aside from the GRE come into play in the admissions process. So, your decision should be tactical and factor in these considerations.

Tips to Improve Your 317 GRE Score

Even though a GRE score of 317 is a commendable achievement, for those who are aiming for the stars and are not fully satisfied, there are strategies to further improve your scores. The following tips provide a roadmap for achieving this goal.

Identify Your Weak Areas

First and foremost, detail a thorough review of your GRE test attempts, including your practice tests. The idea here is to introspect and identify the areas in which you faced difficulty or made errors.

  • Conceptual Errors: Did you struggle with particular topics or sections? Plan to revisit these concepts and practice related questions.
  • Silly Mistakes: Everyone slips up occasionally. But if you notice that you’re making a substantial number of careless mistakes, devise a strategy to minimize these.

Master the Art of Time Management

With the GRE, it’s not just about answering correctly, but also about how quickly and accurately you can answer. With enhanced time management skills, you can navigate the test more efficiently, allowing for more time on challenging questions.

  • Practice with Timer: Regular timed practice will help you become comfortable with the pace you need to maintain during the test.
  • Quick Decision-making: Develop the habit of quickly deciding whether a question is worth solving. If it seems overly complex, it might be better to guess and move on rather than wasting valuable time.

Utilize High-Quality Study Material

Using good quality study material is crucial for effective GRE preparation. Stick to reliable sources such as the Official ETS Guide, Manhattan 5lb, and Magoosh, amongst others.

Consider a GRE Prep Course

If self-study isn’t yielding the desired results, consider investing in a GRE prep course. These courses provide structured learning and regular practice, which can help you achieve your target score.

317 GRE Score to GMAT

For various reasons, you might want to know how your GRE score translates to the GMAT score. According to the ETS’s official conversion tool, a GRE score of 317 can be approximately translated to a GMAT score of 610-620.

GRE to GMAT: Understanding the Conversion

ETS provides an official GRE to GMAT comparison tool that calculates GMAT equivalent scores for the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections of the GRE.

This tool is handy for students who are considering both the GRE and GMAT as part of their business school admissions process, or for those who want to have an idea about their competitiveness in relation to GMAT takers.

Please note that while this tool provides a broad comparison, admission committees understand that the GMAT and GRE are different tests that may measure slightly different skills.

Why Convert GRE to GMAT

Business schools are increasingly accepting both GMAT and GRE scores for admissions. Furthermore, having an understanding of your GMAT equivalent score can help:

  • School Research: Many business schools still report the GMAT average of their class. Knowing your GMAT equivalent score can help you identify which schools align with your competitive ability.
  • Understanding Your Performance: The GMAT is conventionally favored by business school applicants. So, understanding your equivalent GMAT score can help ascertain your performance relative to most business school applicants.

GRE Scores 260 to 340


Conclusion: Embracing Your GRE Score & Planning Your Business School Journey

Embarking on your business school journey with a 317 GRE score brings forth exciting possibilities and opportunities. Remember, while your GRE score plays a significant role, it is one part of the larger equation that includes your GPA, work experience, essays, letters of recommendation, and interviews.

Always ensure your application highlights your strengths and compensates for any areas that might not standout. Garner robust recommendations, craft your essays with a compelling narrative, and build a resume that effectively showcases your skills and experiences.

Holding a competitive GRE score like 317, equip yourself with a strategic plan, focus on creating a solid and impressive profile, and march with confidence into the transformative journey of business school life.