337 GRE Score – Is 337 a Good GRE Score?

Achieving a 337 GRE Score is no easy task, a feat that demands your keen analysis.

  • Understanding the GRE Scoring Scale: Comprehend the significance of scoring anywhere between 260 and 340, and how a 337 GRE Score can greatly impact your admission chances.
  • Is a 337 a Good GRE Score?: Explore the competitivity of a score of 337 and its comparison to average scores across several programs.
  • How Hard Is It to Get a 337 GRE Score?: Get insights on the level of preparation required to attain a lofty 337 GRE score.

With the right strategies and dedication, a 337 GRE score is indeed achievable.

Understanding the GRE Scoring Scale: From 260 to 340

The Scoring Landscape

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) runs on a scoring scale that begins at 260 and ends at 340. This range encompasses the combined results achieved in two key sections of the test: Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning. Each of these sections is scored independently within a range of 130 to 170. Thus, the lowest possible combined score is 260 (130 from Verbal and 130 from Quantitative), and the highest is 340 (170 from Verbal and 170 from Quantitative).

What Makes a Good GRE Score?

While the range of possible scores is quite clear-cut, the concept of a “good GRE score” is rather subjective and can vary dramatically between individuals and target programs. How “good” your score is hinges greatly on the specifics of your graduate school application, your individual goals, and the GRE score distribution typical for your target programs. Some programs might prioritize a high Verbal Reasoning score, for example, while others might put more weight on the Quantitative Reasoning score. Understanding the profile of your preferred program allows you to align your goals accordingly and use your score in the most meaningful way.

Is 337 a Good GRE Score?

Achieving a Score Above Average

Generally speaking, a GRE score of 337 is considered excellent. To put this into perspective, consider the average GRE scores provided by Educational Testing Service (ETS), the organization which administers the test. The average score for Verbal Reasoning is 150, while for Quantitative Reasoning it is 153. Now, a 337 score is significantly above these averages scores, positioning a test taker with this score in the top echelons of all those who sat for the test.

Consideration When Appliying to Graduate Programs

When applying to graduate programs, a GRE score of 337 is more than just “good” – it’s highly competitive. Most students with a score of this level would find themselves in the running for some of the top graduate programs worldwide. However, it is crucial to remember that while a high GRE score can boost your application, it is still only one component of the application. Factors such as academic record, letters of recommendation, and personal statement also hold considerable weight.

337 GRE Percentile

Understanding Your Percentile

In the context of GRE scores, your percentile rank tells you what percentage of test takers you scored higher than on the test. If you scored in the 80th percentile, for example, then you scored higher than 80% of those who took the test. A score of 337 on the GRE falls in an exceptionally high percentile bracket.

How Your Percentile Impacts Your Application

By achieving a 337 GRE score, you demonstrate you are in the upper echelon among all those who took the test. This is a powerful message to send to the admission panel of any program, reinforcing your academic prowess and aptitude for success. Nonetheless, high percentile scores are best leveraged when coupled with a robust overall application. In other words, while this high score can be an incredible asset, it should exist as an element of a comprehensive, well-rounded application package.

How Hard Is It to Get a 337 GRE Score?

Achieving a 337 GRE Score is a tough ordeal that demands consistent practice, focused study, and a good amount of time. Here’s some further insight into getting a score this high.

The Rigor Involved

Achieving such a high score requires tremendous work. It would necessitate extensive preparation and an above-average improvement rate with a significant volume of study hours. A score of 337 would not be a common occurrence; it is a rarity, which further validates the hard work required to earn it.

The Timeframe for Preparation

The timeframe for preparation to achieve a 337 GRE score can greatly vary depending on individual learning speed, prior knowledge, and consistent efforts. For some, it could take several months whereas for others, it may stretch up to a year or so. This, however, is a general estimate and should not be considered a rigid timeframe. It’s important to note that preparation should be goal-oriented, rather than time-bound.

The Strategy Involved

It is no mince words to say that earning a 337 GRE score involves the right strategies and diligent adherence to them. Rigorous practice and working on weaknesses, while polishing strengths, are critical.

Here is a list to illustrate the strategy:

  1. Familiarize with the test: Learn about the GRE structure, its sections, and the type of questions asked.
  2. Plan Your Study: Create a dedicated study plan keeping your strengths and weaknesses in mind.
  3. Use Practice Tests: Utilize ETS’s official GRE guide and official practice tests to familiarize yourself with the actual test environment.
  4. Review and Revise: Regularly review your progress and revise learnt materials.

Business Schools You Can Get into with a 337 GRE Score

A 337 score not only earns you plaudits but it also opens the door to top-tier universities and business schools around the globe. Here are some business programs that view 337 GRE score in a very positive light.

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Considered one of the most prestigious business schools globally, Stanford GSB reported an average GRE score of 330 for the class entering in 2023. Therefore, a score of 337 falls wonderfully within the preferred range.

Wharton Business School

For program aspirants at Wharton, a 337 GRE score positions them well above the reported average of 324. This could significantly increase an applicant’s chances of acceptance.

University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Similar to Wharton, Booth reports an average GRE score of 325, placing a candidate with a 337 firmly in the competitive region.

Harvard Business School

Although Harvard does not mention an average GRE score, it reports that the middle 80% of its class scored between 320 and 340. A 337 falls well within this range, suggesting high competitiveness.

337 GRE Score to GMAT

It might be necessary at times to convert your GRE scores into corresponding GMAT scores, primarily because some business schools prefer or better recognize the GMAT.

How the Conversion Works

The ETS GRE Comparison Tool for Business Schools is provided by the organization that administers the GRE, and this is a reliable tool to convert GRE scores into GMAT scores. According to the tool, a 337 GRE score approximately converts to a 770 GMAT score. It’s important to remember that this is an estimate, and actual results may vary.

GRE Scores 260 to 340


Conclusion: Embracing Your GRE Score & Planning Your Business School Journey

Securing a 337 GRE Score is genuinely an impressive feat. It places you well ahead of countless other aspirants and brings you a step closer to the graduate program of your dreams. However, remember that while a high GRE score can certainly bolster your application, it is only one of the many factors considered by admissions offices.

How to Create a Holistic Application

While the power of a 337 GRE score is undeniable, other aspects of your application must not be neglected. Strive for a well-balanced application that presents a holistic picture of your aspirations, achievements, and personal growth.

  1. Letters of Recommendation: Ensure that you obtain endorsements from individuals who can attest to your potential and work ethic.
  2. Personal Statement: Craft compelling narratives that showcase your personality, passion, and suitability for the program.
  3. Resume/CV: Curate a comprehensive document that highlights your key achievements, work history, and skills.

Riveting Forward

A 337 GRE score, though a valuable asset, isn’t the ultimate key, nor an end in itself. A good GRE score should serve as a foundation on which to build a solid and well-rounded application. Strive to provide evidence of your diligence, commitment, and potential.

Embrace your GRE score as an important stepping stone towards your educational journey. Allow it to supplement your application package, enhance your candidacy, and help you embark on the path to success. Use it wisely to build the future in academia that you desire.