335 GRE Score – Is 335 a Good GRE Score?

Are you aiming for a 335 GRE Score or curious about how it ranks? Let’s unpack this seemingly lofty score.

  • Understanding the 335 GRE Score: Find out what kind of performance this score indicates and what it means for your grad school plans.
  • How Difficult is a 335 GRE Score to Achieve?: Learn about the study and preparation required to reach this impressive score.
  • The Implications of a 335 GRE Score in Grad School Admissions: Discover how this score fits into admission averages at top schools and the benefit it could have for your application.

If a 335 GRE score is your goal, we have the insights to guide your journey.

Understanding the GRE Scoring Scale: From 260 to 340

The Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) is a broad assessment of knowledge essential for graduate-level academic work. The GRE consists of three major sections: Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning. In this article, our focus would be on the Verbal and Quantitative sections, both of which are scored on a scale from 130 to 170. This means that the lowest possible GRE score is 260 (130 x 2) and the highest is 340 (170 x 2).

Verbal Reasoning

The Verbal Reasoning section, in particular, tests your readiness to grasp, analyze, evaluate, and synthesize material in reading content. It consists of three main types of questions:

  1. Reading Comprehension: This question type demands the ability to understand, apply and critique what you’ve read.
  2. Text Completion: Here, you will fill in the blanks in separate short passages to form a coherent and logical text.
  3. Sentence Equivalence: This permits you to connect meaning, style, and purpose with the use of vocabulary and logic.

Each type has a characteristic focus, but all essentially examine your language and cognition skills.

Quantitative Reasoning

The Quantitative Reasoning section, on the other hand, needs you to reason mathematically, understand basic mathematical concepts, and interpret and analyze quantitative data:

  • Problem Solving: This tests your fundamental mathematical skills and understanding of elementary mathematical concepts.
  • Quantitative Comparisons: This appreciates your ability to compare quantified information, by interpreting it correctly.
  • Data Analysis: This gauges your competence in understanding and interpreting data presented in multiple ways.

When you put your scores together from these two sections, you wind up with a composite score that ranges from 260 to 340.

Managing your expectations and target is a crucial part of GRE preparation. As an example, a score of 335 indicates exceptional performance and stands close to the maximum capacity of the scale. However, more than merely chasing the highest score, you should also aim to secure a score that aligns with your personal goals and is competitive in your target graduate program. Different programs may place varying weight on Verbal and Quant scores.

Is 335 a Good GRE Score?

A score of 335 on the GRE is without doubt exceptional, being merely 5 points short of the maximum score of 340. This accomplishment compounds when you consider the bell-shaped scoring distribution for a typical GRE exam: most scores lie in the middle of the scale, with fewer students pulling clear towards the extremes.

Program-Specific Score Considerations

However, the notion of a “good” GRE score relies heavily on the specific programs you’re targeting. While aiming for the highest score is naturally enticing, different programs have different averages, which suggests that what’s high for one might be average for another.

For instance, prestigious Stanford Graduate School of Business reported an average GRE score of 330 for the cohort admitted in 2023. Meanwhile for top-notch The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, the average was 324. In this perspective, a score of 335 is quite competitive and significantly above average for admittance into these institutions.

Personal Aspirations Matter

That said, the ultimate message here isn’t to fixate on these average scores but to manage your test preparation with a realistic, program-specific score in mind. Remember, a good GRE score is essentially one that gets you into your dream graduate program.

Is 335 a Bad GRE Score?

Given the high average GRE scores for select top-tier programs, a GRE score of 335 is quite impressive. With such a commendable score, there seems to be little room to consider it inadequate. You are in a very advantageous position compared to most GRE test takers.

However, there are certain caveats that you must bear in mind.

Circumstantial Factors

First, acceptability of a score strongly depends on specific circumstances. The competitiveness of the field, the ranking of the university, and the importance the program places on the GRE score can all significantly impact the perception of your GRE score.

Absolute scores are helpful, but the comparison of your score with those accepted at the programs you’re interested in is what truly matters.

The Complete Picture

Second, while a high GRE score can open doors, it should not be considered in isolation from other factors of your application package, such as GPA, personal statement, letters of recommendation, and research experience, which are all evaluated during the admissions process.

A 335 GRE score, while outstanding, is just part of the equation in your pursuit of securing a graduate admission.

335 GRE Score Percentile

With a 335 GRE score, you would likely stand in the top echelons of all test-takers. Specifically, this score is very likely to land above the 95th percentile, placing the test-taker among the elite top 5% of all GRE takers.

Significance of Percentiles

The concept of percentiles provides you a measure of how your score compares to all the other test scores. Universities often use it in their selection process because a percentile representation is more representative of your performance relative to your peers.

In comparison to absolute scores, percentiles are often more insightful as they account for variations in test difficulty and the ability of the test-taking cohort.

In essence, the percentile is the percentage of test takers that you outscored. So, if you are in the 95th percentile, you did better than 95% of the test takers.

Regardless of the program or university, a GRE score of 335 will place you in an exceptional position, outdoing nearly every other applicant. This distinction can help you stand out in the admissions process and boost your chances of securing a spot in top-tier programs.

GRE Score Percentiles: Verbal, Quant, and Combined

GRE score percentiles are further categorized into Verbal, Quant, and Combined percentiles. It’s beneficial to understand each category as some programs may emphasize one score over the other.

Typically, engineering programs might weight Quant scores more heavily while humanities programs could place a greater emphasis on Verbal scores. Therefore, a balanced score is undeniably the best outcome, but if any fluctuation is expected, you’ll want it to favor the section most relevant to your target program.

Then again, a balanced GRE score of 335 is more than proficient in showcasing your academic talents, regardless of the program you are targeting.

How Hard is it to Get a 335 GRE Score?

Achieving a 335 on the GRE indeed poses a challenging endeavor but is not out of reach for determined and well-prepared individuals. Below are factors that contribute to the high difficulty level and how you can strategically address them.

Demanding High Performance

A score of 335 demonstrates nearly perfect performance on both sections of the exam. It implies an exceptional comprehension of expansive vocabulary and textual nuances under Verbal Reasoning. Simultaneously, excellent precision and acuity in solving a range of complex mathematical problems are required for Quantitative Reasoning. Both combined set the bar high, demanding a standout performance from test-takers.

Rigor of Question Types

Inherent in the GRE are intricate and multifaceted question types. Be it data interpretation sets in Quant or reading comprehension in Verbal—these questions are designed to test an array of intellectual skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking and reasoning, all under the bounds of stringent time constraints.

To overcome these rigors, here are a few recommended strategies:

  • Start Early, Start Right: Begin preparing for the GRE well in advance. A rushed approach is often counterproductive. Instead, build your foundations right from the beginning. Comprehensive understanding of the concepts cannot be compromised.
  • Design an Effective study plan: Formulate a balanced, personalized, and dynamic study plan. You should factor in the number of hours you can dedicate each day, your strengths and weaknesses, and build in regular time for review and practice tests.
  • Focus on strategies: While it’s important to address all your weaknesses, you should invest a good chunk of time in honing techniques like prediction, back-solving, educated guessing, and process of elimination.
  • Take several practice tests: One of the most effective ways to improve your score is to take multiple, full-length practice tests. Not only do they familiarize you with the test format, but they also highlight areas you need to improve and build stamina.
  • Quality over quantity: Lastly, quality of study trumps quantity. Don’t emphasize the number of hours you sit with your books, focus on the productivity of your study hours.

Stringent Time Management

Furthermore, for a high-score aspiration such as this, managing time effectively can be a make-or-break factor. Not only do you need to answer questions accurately, but you must also ensure you work rapidly enough not to leave any unanswered.

Final Analysis

On the surface, a 335 GRE score might seem immensely difficult to achieve. However, with sustained, diligent, and organized preparation, it is readily available for the taking.

Can You Get into Business School with a 335 GRE Score?

The short answer is yes, a 335 GRE score could make you an interesting prospect for many business schools, even the most prestigious ones.

Top Business Schools and Their Average GRE Scores

Typically, business schools provide either the averages or ranges for admitted students’ GRE scores for a specific intake year. Among the renowned ones, Stanford GSB had an average GRE score of 330 for the 2023 intake, while Wharton reported 324, and Harvard was at 327.

A 335 GRE score is significantly above these averages indicating potential competitiveness at these institutions. However, it’s essential to be mindful of other pivotal elements of your business school application.

The Holistic Admissions Review Process

Nonetheless, bear in mind, a 335 GRE score—though admirable—is not an admission guarantee. Business schools have a holistic review process where they consider a variety of factors for admission, including:

  • Academic Record (GPA and Course Rigor)
  • Professional Experience (Quality, Quantity, and Progression)
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Personal Essays or Statements
  • Interview
  • Extracurricular Activities and Community Involvement

That said, an excellent GRE score can certainly give your application a competitive edge in the challenging business school admissions process.

Should You Cancel a 335 GRE Score?

Usually, when a test-taker is considering whether to cancel a GRE score, it’s due to a lackluster performance. However, a 335 GRE score is far from mediocre. It is very close to the perfect score, making it an exceptional result. Therefore, it’s unlikely that you’d need to cancel such a score.

Implications of a High Score

Emphatically, a 335 GRE score is a high one, ranking you among the top percentile of GRE takers – an achievement that portrays your academic aptitude in a striking light. Such distinction can play into your favor, enhancing your candidacy in the eyes of admission committees. Therefore, under normal circumstances, there would be no apparent reason to cancel such a score.

Tips to Improve Your 335 GRE Score

While a 335 score is remarkable, improvement is always a possibility. If you’re aiming for the elusive perfect score of 340, here are some strategies to consider:

  • Analyze Your Previous Exam: Begin by carefully analyzing your previous exam. Look for patterns in the kind of questions you missed, the sections where you struggled, and your pacing through the exam.
  • Leverage Knowledge Gaps: Drill down on the areas of weakness you identified from your exam analysis. Be intentional about dedicating more time and resources towards addressing these gaps.
  • Shore Up Test-taking Skills: Beyond subject knowledge, the GRE tests your exam-taking skills. Invest your preparation time in mastering strategies such as time management, educated guessing, and question selection.
  • Practice Under Time Constraints: To mimic realistic test-taking conditions, it’s crucial to practice under timed conditions. This will help you remain calm under pressure and effectively improve your pacing.
  • Regular Review: Lastly, regularly review your study materials to ensure retention and comprehension.

Admittedly, progress from a 335 to a 340 may seem marginal, but it can serve as a testament to your determination, showcasing your resilience, perseverance, and commitment to your prospective schools.

GRE Scores 260 to 340


335 GRE Score to GMAT

When it comes to business school applications, you may be faced with the inevitable GMAT vs. GRE question. It’s helpful to know how your GRE score equates to a GMAT score for this purpose.

According to ETS’s GRE comparison tool for business schools, a GRE score of 335 roughly translates to a 760 on the GMAT with an evenly balanced Verbal and Quant score.

Why is This Conversion Essential?

The conversion bears significance due to the divergence in preference among business schools. Some schools may express a preference for one test over the other, while others may treat them equitably or allow the applicant to choose whichever one they’re more comfortable with.

Moreover, conversions might assist you in comparing your performance with other applicants who took different exams.

In essence, having a conversion knowledge equips you to make informed decisions and reflect accurately on the competitiveness of your application. However, in isolation, it may not necessarily determine your admission outcome. Other pieces of your application are just as influential. Nonetheless, a 335 GRE score (or its equivalent GMAT score) should establish your abilities and potential effectively.